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Official Report of a Panel of Experts of Bulgarian National Science Foundation
disclosing corruption and manipulations in science research funding (2008-2009)

More details on the site The Business of Cooking Up Science Projects and the Robbery of Bulgarian Science
See especially Legal appeal to the Attorney General of Bulgaria

      In 2010 a panel of experts in all main scientific areas, commissioned by the former director (Jan. 2010 - Feb. 2011) of the Bulgarian National Science Foundation (BNSF) - the internationally renown Bulgarian scientist-mathematician Professor Dr.Sc. Emil Horozov, corresponding member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, has filed a detailed report evaluating the effectiveness and the equitability of the administrative practices by the previous BNSF management (2008-2009) for distribution of the funds, which are intended as a primary source of financial support for scientific research in Bulgaria.

      In the course of the investigation the Commission has discovered numerous cases of corruption and illegitimate manipulations of the science funds allocation triggered by higher administrative circles. See reports in "Nature": and in Bulgarian media (more links on Professor E. Horozov's homepage): All this naturally caused a widespread outcry within Bulgarian science community. It is an overwhelming opinion among Bulgarian scientists that the principal reason, which facilitated and promoted the above mentioned corrupted practices, was the almost total instigated lack of publicity about the BNSF activities concerning the principles of financial means distribution, project management, evaluation of final results (deliverables), etc.       In some cases these corrupted practices acquired absurd and comic dimensions. For instance, two senior members of our Laboratory with the ranks of professors have written altogether five professional referee reports for the 2010 Call for Proposals of the BNSF and yet they did not receive any payment for their work. At the same time during the BNSF Call sessions (2008-2009) scores of low-qualified reviewers from abroad (some of them without even Ph.D. degrees) have filed tens and hundreds of referee reports for which they have been amply rewarded.

      Further grotesque examples of the poor practices in current Bulgarian science funds management are:

  • The composition of the staff of the Executive Board of Bulgarian National Science Foundation. During the previous mandate (untill the Spring 2013) among the members of this highest governing body of Bulgarian science research funding there was not a single representative of the following most fundamental areas of modern human knowledge: mathematics, physics, chemistry!!!. The newly appointed staff of the Executive Board still lacks an (internationally recognized) expert member in fundamental physical sciences;

  • Mr. R. Gyurov, the former chairman of the Executive Board of Bulgarian National Science Foundation (forced to resign as of Jan.29, 2013) does not possess any respectable scientific credentials, in particular, he has not authored even a single publication in an international scientific journal with impact factor - see some comical facts illustrating the scientific "competence" of this gentleman;

  • Mr. Hr. Petrov, the former director of Bulgarian National Science Foundation (forced to resign as of Jan.28, 2013) is a typical governmental bureaucrat completely lacking ANY scientific credentials and qualifications!, who in a recent interview (here and here) demonstrated a blatant shameless audacity to brand the most active part of Bulgarian scientific community as "parasites". Just look, for instance, at the details of our recently completed project financed by BNSF, especially, our scientific output (159 publications, mostly in the world leading scientific journals, including two monographs) to get a rough idea whom this gentleman is calling "parasites"!!!

    Punish Those Who Dare To Expose Unjustice (Time-travel back to the "glorious" socialist past)
    The Relentless War of Bureaucracy to Silence Prof. Emil Horozov

          Apparently as a reprisal for the bold stance of Prof. Emil Horozov against corruption within the higher governmental administration in the field of science research management, certain undisclosed circles filed a subpoena to Prof. Emil Horozov through the State Commision for Prevention and Detection of Conflicts of Interest to answer for an alleged "conflict of interest" offence, namely that he served his short term as Director of BNSF while continuining to be a member of the scientific team of our research project financed by Grant 02-257/2008 of BNSF.
          This act is an outright slander not founded on any facts. In particular, both the administration of the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy as a base organization managing the project, as well as the acting project coordinator Prof. Emil Nissimov (see here below) officially refute the above libelous allegations declaring that Prof. Emil Horozov has received neither financial contributions, nor any other kind of material gains or carrier privileges from the project grant what so ever - neither before, nor during or after terminating his official nomination as Director of the National Science Foundation:       After the failure of the above defamatory attempt to get Prof. Emil Horozov convicted of a "conflict of interest" offence, the orchestrated intimidation against him continued in a flagrant provocative manner. The next attack came from the Bulgarian Public Financial Inspection Agency, which is supposed to carry a thorough investigation of the findings in the above mentioned official report of the panel of experts of the Bulgarian National Science Foundation revealing corruption and manipulations in science research funding at higher administrative level. Namely, instead of scrutinizing the very disturbing facts exposed in this report, the latter State's Agency drew up another indictment against Prof. Emil Horozov - the chief architect of the above bold report pinpointing a crime of certain higher political echelon worth tens of millions of euro. This time Prof. Horozov was preposterously convicted of few petty "infringements" - of certain obviously insignificant alledged violations of minor bureaucratic procedures, which either occured before his appointment or were outside the scope of his responsibilities and, most importantly, which by themselves do not bear any relation to the substance of this Agency's proper investigation in the first place!
          At the same time neither the Public Financial Inspection Agency nor any law-enforcement agency have ever filed even a single subpoena to any of the major suspects among the higher bureaucratic echelon in this gross corruption scandal!!

    Appeals of Leading Science Organizations to the Education, Science, Children, Youth & Sports Committee of Bulgarian Parliament

    A number of well-known and respected science organizations and (non-governmental) unions of scientists in Bulgaria have submitted to the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science, Children, Youth & Sports during its session on April 11, 2012, their official positions on the severe problems plaguing the functioning of Bulgarian National Science Foundation, expressing support for the bold moves of the former BNSF director Prof. Emil Horozov and the scientists's panel who prepared the critical report about the corrupted mismanagement by the former BNSF administration, and demanding immediate comprehensive reforms, including drastic personell changes in the BNSF staff (original texts in Bulgarian, pending English translation):

    Legal Appeal

  • Legal Presentment by Prof. E. Horozov to the Attorney General of Bulgaria (in Bulgarian, pending English translation)
    demanding thorough legal investigation and criminal prosecution of the corrupted malpractices in science research funding in Bulgaria as well as exposing the massive cover-up of the latter crimes by various government agencies and the shameful collaborationism of several obedient and submissive "mainstream" mass media.

    Nomination of Prof. E. Horozov for 2012 Maddox Prize for Standing Up For Science

    "The John Maddox Prize will reward an individual who has promoted sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest. Its emphasis is on those who have faced difficulty or hostility in doing so."





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