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My name is Svetlana Pacheva. I worked until July 2018 in the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am holding the "Doctor of Sciences" ("Doctor Habil.") degree (highest academic research degree above the ordinary Ph.D. degree, cf. Wikipedia article, usually awarded in Eastern European countries). I am full Professor (emeritus) at the Laboratory "Theory of Elementary Particles".

My husband Emil Nissimov is likewise a physicist, corresponding member of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, full Professor and Doctor of Sciences ("Doctor Habil."), associate member of the same Laboratory of the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy. Our daughter Alexandra Nissimova is an expert in biotechnology and ecology working in the private sector.

My research interests lie within the broad area of theoretical and mathematical physics and are currently focused on generalized (extended/modified) gravity and nonlinear gauge theories with applications in elementary particle physics, black hole and wormhole physics, and cosmology.

In the past years my research included the following topics: generalized string and p-brane models (strings/branes with dynamical tension, lightlike branes); completely integrable models; quantum groups and Hopf algebras with applications in physics; group-theoretical approach to conformal field theories based on the method of group coadjoint orbits; covariant quantization of strings with manifest space-time supersymmetry; covariant quantization of constrained Hamiltonian systems; stochastic quantization; non-perturbative aspects of gauge theories - renormalization of non-renormalizable theories, anomalies in odd space-time dimensions, dynamical mass generation, dynamical generation of gauge bosons and Chern-Simons terms, 1/N expansion, dynamical symmetry breaking; field-theoretic approach in the theory of phase transitions and critical phenomena.

My research, similarly to the research of the other members of our Laboratory and our Institute, is being conducted within the framework of an extensive international collaboration.

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